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Hedge Fund Accounting Services

hedge fund services New York CityHaque CPA specializes in hedge fund services including administration and tax compliance for midsized businesses and corporations. Our New York City CPAs will help you navigate fluctuating market conditions, address regulatory concerns, and remain compliant with the ever-changing hedge fund reporting and tax regulations.

Part of what makes working with our firm different is our unwavering commitment to customer support.  When you approach us for hedge fund services, we aspire to establish an enduring relationship by providing exceptional service you can trust. We’ll deliver senior-level attention that includes responsive assistance, solid tax advice, and inventive techniques for improving fund performance.

New York City Hedge Fund Services

Find out how your investors can get higher returns with our hedge fund accounting and tax services. There's no obligation, so contact us at 212-880-2617 now or request a consultation through our website.

To learn more about our hedge fund administration and tax services, visit our hedge fund accounting services website.

Hedge Fund Administration

  • Monthly NAV (Net Asset Value) and fund performance analysis
  • Maintenance of partner capital accounts
  • Communication with service providers including limited partners and fund auditors

Hedge Fund Tax Services

Year-end Tax Planning

  • Wash Sales calculation
  • Constructive sale calculation
  • Straddles analysis
  • Foreign currency analysis
  • Stock options
  • Corporate bonds
  • Market discount
  • OID (Original Issue Discount)

IRS Reporting of Foreign Investments

  • Reporting of investments in foreign partnerships
  • Reporting of investments in foreign corporations
  • PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Companies) Analysis and Reporting
  • CFC (Controlled Foreign Corporations) Analysis and Reporting

Tax Withholding for Foreign Partners

  • FDAP (Fixed, Determinable, Annual Payments) withholding
  • ECI (Effectively Connected Income) withholding
  • FIRPTA (Real Property) withholding